Looking into Napa's Past and Present

The Napa Register, June 10, 1978
by Louis Ezettie

With the dangerous brush fire season upon us it is again gratifying for residents of the Dry Creek-Lokoya area to know that the well-trained volunteer women's firefighting unit is again ready to work in addition to the men's unit in combating fires in their district or other sections of the county when needed.

The personnel of the women's group with a few exceptions remains the same as when the unit was organized in 1962. The members, all volunteers serving without compensation, have received great praise for their efficient firefighting results.

William Beers, fire chair of the Dry Creek-Lokoya district, states the volunteers had a relatively lucky season last year. One of the big blazes fought by the men and women occurred the day after Christmas in 1976 when a $10,000 fire destroyed the dehydrator at the Thomas ranch on Dry Creek road. Grass and brush fires, of course, are the more frequent sources of trouble.

Here are the names of the women volunteers: Alice Beers, Joan King, Ila Crook, Rennie Bingham, Bea Henke, Abbie Freeman, Joyce Bowen, Lynne Rising, Noreen Vance, Charlotte Horne, Vera Schaublin and Lois Apperson.

The women originally decided to organize to assure protection while their husbands were away at work during daytime.